Regulatory Framework
Fraud and corruption not only divert scarce resources from the public purse. They corrode public confidence in our democratic intuitions and public services and the morale of those who work within them. So an important part of our governance framework is our policies and approach to preventing, detecting and investigating all forms of fraud and corruption. This policy defines fraud and corruption not narrowly but, rather, broadly to cover a range of related wrongdoings. Often in this document the term ‘fraud’ is used as a short-hand to cover this range of wrongdoings.
This Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy is one element of a wider set of arrangements we have in place to prevent fraud and wrongdoing. In particular, these arrangements also include our Whistleblowing and Anti-Money Laundering Policies. But other parts of our governance framework also frame and direct our approach to preventing fraud and promoting ethical behaviour, including the Code of Conduct for Members, Code of Ethics and Standards for staff, our Standing Orders, Use of Resources Policy, Expenses and Benefits Framework, Register of Interests, Gifts and Hospitality Policy, Financial Regulations, our commitment to transparency and our Risk Management Framework.
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